Contactless credit and debit cards - are they safe?

Contactless credit and debit cards operate on the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Contactless cards enables faster payments for you purchases. If you have a contactless card, you do not need to dip your card into the POS terminal in order to pay for your purchases. There is no requirement of PIN as well. You can simply tap your card at the POS terminal and your payment will be completed instantly.
There are many questions which arise in the minds of users regarding the security of contactless credit and debit cards. Please keep reading to know the details.
How do I know if my card is a contactless card? Look for this symbol on your credit credit card. It is similar to the wifi symbol rotated 90 degrees towards right. If your card has this symbol then your card is a contactless card.
What is the maximum amount that I can pay in as single transaction using a contactless card? The maximum amount that you can pay using a contactless credit or debit card is Rs. 2000/- per trans…

Amazon Prime membership at Rs. 999/- , is it worth the price?

What is Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime is a paid membership of the online retailer Amazon which entitles its members to several advantages over non-members. We are discussing these in details below.

How much does it cost?
The cost of Amazon Prime membership is Rs. 999/- per year or Rs. 129/- per month.

Let's see what members get in Amazon Prime membership:

1. Free fast delivery
Prime members get unlimited free delivery on items marked as Prime on Amazon. Members get free one-day, two-day or standard delivery depending on the items bought. Also there is no minimum order amount to be eligible for free delivery. You can conveniently order a Rs. 20/- item and get it delivered at your home for zero delivery charges. (For non-members, the minimum order amount is Rs. 499/- and to be able to get free delivery, sometimes we have to add additional items if our order amount is less than Rs. 499/-)

2. Access to Prime Videos
Prime members get access to unlimited steaming of bollywood, hollywood and In…

Buying an iPhone SE in 2018

Why did you buy this now?
Who uses this phone these days?
You should have bought at least iPhone 6.

These are the comments I have received in the last few days since I started using my new phone, an iPhone SE.

In case you are planning to buy an iPhone SE now, keep reading. I will let you know whether you should buy this phone at this part of 2018.

Having used Android phones for the last 7 years and as my last 3 devices, I have always been skeptical of buying an iPhone. I love the ease with which I can transfer files between my android phone and my laptop, which is not the case with iPhones. The storage was another concern for me, having used android phones with big storages (64 GB + 128 GB).

Now let me answer the common questions I have been facing regarding the iPhone SE.

Why did I buy this now?

Well there are several reasons for this:

I had become fed up with big screen phones which do not fit into my pocket properly and have decided to simplify my life. I just wanted a phone which i…